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The fieldtrip was programmed on Friday 26th to visit some interesting geological sections and sites displaying special educational  and heritage values.

  • 1. The Kakia-Scala slopes along the road to Corinth, showing a series of normal faults clearly marked by the fault plane and   fault mirror.

  • 2. The volcanic and volcanoclastic deposits around the Soussaki volcano, a point regularly visited by groups and secondary school teachers and students. The volcanoclastic deposits lie below a Plio-Pleistocene lacustrine sequence, which also shows an interesting facies changing from continental to marine environment towards the area of the Corinth channel.

  • (3) Ship trip along the Corinth Channel allowing seeing a series of well-exposed normal faults. Also the Pleistocene deposits lying unconformably on the Pliocene sequence constitute an added educational value to this point.

  • (4) Military Headquarters around Corinth, where archaeological excavations have shown the so-called Corinth Diolkos (passage) built by the Greek State city of Corinth in classical times. This “passage” for ships, under active use for over 2000 years, was a crucial way of transport and passage for war and commerce ships before the consruction of the Corith Channel during the XIXth century.

  • (5) Sequence of coast uplifting traces at the coast of Cape Hiraeon during Pleistocene-Holocene times.

  • (6) Series of faults on the landscape around the Lake Vouliagmeni.