Field trip: Geopark Naturtejo da Meseta Meridional
European and Global Geopark under UNESCO
3rd November, 2011
II Geoschools Meeting

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STOP 1: Archaeological Museum of Vila Velha de Ródão (Geological Setting)

It is an ancient, deep and solid history offered by the Ródão Museum: A history made of Cruziana and fossil trunks, stone tools, polished axes and earthenware, rock art and epigraphy, millstones and tiles, cannonballs and paintings coming from French Invasions… One single room shows, by chronological succession of events, the main periods of the landscape and building history and cultural territory of Ródão, since geological times until contemporaneous days.

Geological setting Ródão Syncline 3D model   


STOP 2: Portas de Ródão Natural Monument
In Portas do Rodão Natural Monument the longest river of Iberian Peninsula, the Tejo River, runs entrenched and submissive between quartzite giants. The fluvial incision has advanced at a speed of only 10 cm per 1000 years, for the past 2.6 million years. So much geological beauty could only be taken as an habitat for the most special plant and animal species and by Man, since more than 150 000 years ago.
Boat trip in the Tejo River Portas de Ródão 


STOP 3: Portas de Almourão Geomonument
It is unthinkable to be indifferent to the Portas de Almourão Geomonument, enchanted place where Ocreza River carved highly deformed quartzite rocks across times. In this place the silence of geological convulsions of the past is only interrupted by the griffon vulture flight.
Portas de Almourão Geomonument viewpoint Portas de Almourão epigenic gorge     


STOP 4: Ichnological Park of Penha Garcia
The history of Penha Garcia Ichnological Park goes back 480 millions years ago, when the region was covered by an ocean full of life. Nowadays it is visible a succession of those ocean bottoms in vertical layers with fantastic remains of trilobites activity.
Flutting trilobite model Cruziana trace fossils    


STOP 5: Inselberg of Monsanto
Among the Peneplain of Castelo Branco emerge the granitic Inselberge of Monsanto-Moreirinha-Alegrios, as a granite archipelago. They are castled by countless rocks sculpted by Nature, across time, from where it evokes stories and traditions.
Inselberge of Monsanto Traditional architecture