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Geosciences Literacy and teaching needs

The Second Conference "Geoscientific Literacy and resources and needs in their teaching" is an initiative of GEOschools project whose main objective is to educate and inform, in Geology, the citizens of the future. It is intended to find an effective way to involve Geo-sciences’ students and teachers in a new ways for carrying out the teaching-learning process. For this purpose, the GEOSchools project includes the celebration of three meetings with Secondary Education teachers and in this context, they will be held from June the 2nd to 3rd, 2012 in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain).
The structure and activities of the Second Conference will include:
•  Key-note Lectures and presentations on topics related to the Project.
•  Works that represent advances in knowledge presented by the participants by means of oral presentations or posters.
•  Practical training workshops.  

The aims of the II Conference of the GEOSchools are similar to those of the previous edition celebrated in Naturtejo (Portugal). These include:
•  Facilitate the exchange of knowledge, educational experiences and research among Earth and Life Science teachers at any of the various levels of education (from primary school to university).
•  To promote, defend and disseminate, through education, Geology as a science and as culture.
•  To show the geological heritage in the Natural Park of Tajo Natural (high Tagus river) in order to value it as a teaching resource and a substantial part of our natural and cultural wealth.  

The Second Conference intends to be a space and time of meeting, open to all teachers who share interests and concerns about the teaching of geology.

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Secretary of the Conference:  
Department of Geology University of Alcalá:
Maria Dolores Lopez Carrillo.  
Department of Geology
Edificio de Ciencias. Universidad de Alcalá
28871 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)
Tel: 918854952/918854004
FAX: 918855090
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