Interest Research 

Interest research report - Final results   
INTEREST RESEARCH on Geosciences content and teaching strategies in secondary schools in Europe
(Results from Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain) 
Interest research report - Transnational      
(Results from Greece, Italy, Spain) 
                           Interest research report - National                                                              (Results from Portugal)                             



Interest research questionnaires
                          Interest research questionnaire
                                                                           (for Students)                                           
                          Interest research questionnaire      
                                                                          (for Teachers)                                           



Curriculum Comparison Research

Transnational report - Final results       
(Austria, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain)    
           National reports
                  Geosciences teaching in Austria                       
                  Geosciences teaching in Greece                        
                  Geosciences teaching in Italy                            
                  Geosciences teaching in Portugal                     
                  Geosciences teaching in Spain                          
          Analysis of the geological contents in Secondary School textbooks
   Transnational report-Results from Austria, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain