GEOschools teachers’ seminar in Naturtejo Geopark
"Teaching geology in geoparks and geosites”


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Global Geopark is responsible for development of a teaching module dedicated to explore geoparks and geosites.
This teaching module is based on examples from Naturtejo Global Geopark but is structured to be adapted to any geopark, geological reserve or geosite. Carlos Neto de Carvalho was the monitor for this experience with 25 teachers. The group started to meet the Geopark context in the Archaeological Hall of the Tejo Rock Art Interpretative Centre. Then they visited the Fossil Trees of Vila Velha de Ródão in the Fossils Garden. In the Portas de Ródão Natural Monument viewpoint they realized the recent build up of the landscape. After a picnic in the Devesa area, they got into contact with the outcrop to analyze the Ponsul Fault. During the afternoon teachers stopped in the bottom of Monsanto Inselberg to “measure” geological time and relate to regional landscape-made processes and climbed this major residual landform all to the top. Finally they achieved the Ichnological Park of Penha Garcia with the best light to see the best trilobite traces they ever found. The teaching module about Geoparks and Geosites was tested with great success according to the results of a final questionnaire especially developed for it. More, Poster EN, PT