GEOschools teachers’ seminar in Palermo

"Teaching geology in the museum”
A journey from the museum exhibitions to the discovery's places of the fossil record

As part of the European project "Geoschools-teaching Geosciences in Secondary Schools" the Museum G. G. Gemmellaro organized a two-day refresher course for 20  teachers of high school. The first day was at the museo Gemmellaro on "Teaching Geology in the Museum".

The talks aimed to demonstrate how to prepare lessons in the field of geological sciences employing a modern and practical approach to the teaching of earth sciences including museum visits and discovering the landscape surrounding the urban areas in which their schools are located. The afternoon was taken up with the guided tour following the suggested itinerary around the Museum and the teachers’ workgroups; these two stages served to illustrate how the exhibitions and the didactic workshops might be used as a support for teachers of earth sciences as part of the set school-programme.

The second day course, about the module "Teaching Geology in the Field: Exomuseums, cities",  witnessed the excursion to three sites situated in the Provinces of Palermo and Trapani, with the aim of demonstrating how it is feasible to give geology lessons in the field and involve the students directly

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Organizers: Carolina D’Arpa & Carolina Di Patti

Collaborators: Valerio Agnesi, Pietro Di Stefano, Silvio Rotolo & Attilio Sulli